The Recipes We Loved in 2016

One year ago I started this blog and have been posting weekly a new recipe that anyone could do, resulting in a tasty and quick meal to prepare (most of the time!).

61 posts & 17,500 Facebook cooks later, I can’t wait for this new year to start! While I’ve always been using fresh ingredients and avoiding ready meals, my resolution for 2017 is to cook even healthier and decrease my intake of meat & fish. Let’s see together how this goes…

In the meantime here are some recipes The Beginner’s Cookbook Community loved in 2016.

Salmon & Avocado Chirashi

Quicker than making y our own sushi and cheaper than buying them: the Salmon & Avocado Chirashi is ready in 30 minutes!

See the recipe on:

Vegetable Soup

Healthy and ideal in winter, soups are the best!

See the recipe on: and

Easy Homemade French Chicken Burgers

Certainly the favorite among my friends, you’ll love these burgers with a French touch!

See the recipe on:

Chorizo & Green Pea Risotto

Easiest risotto I’ve ever made, ready in 25 min! It’s so creamy you would never guess there is no creme fraiche in this dish.

See the recipe on:

Chocolate Mousse

A healthy French classic dessert that only requires 2 ingredients: chocolate & eggs! What are you waiting for?

See the recipe on:

Quinoa Power Bowl

Ready in 20min and filling which means… no snack till dinner time!

See the recipe on:

Broccoli Carrot Apple Salad with Walnuts and Raisins

One of the tastiest salads I’ve made this year, ready in no time!

See the recipe on:

Balsamic Chicken with Honey Sauce & Green Beans with Mushrooms

A classic dish that never disappoints. The longer you let it marinade, the tastier is the chicken…

See the recipe on:

Apple, Camembert Cheese & Bacon Tartines

Because who doesn’t like melted cheese? Ready in 30min, great as a starter or a main.

See the recipe on:

Pan-Seared Salmon, Potato & Cucumber

Perfect on a warm day, this dish is healthy and filling at the same time.

See the recipe on:


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